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Amazing Results!

by Kathleen on Feb 11, 2014

My husband and I were shocked by the attentive service provided to us by Duxplore and Mr. Gardner. Lawrence was understanding, knowledgeable and efficient. We have been investors for 22 years but have...
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 Best of the Best 2010

by Thomas Bey on Aug 31, 2010 07:55PM

Quick and knowledgeable. Provided exactly what I wanted in the time required. They delivered as promised. I have finally found the firm I've been looking for....
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"Faster Than Anyone Imagined"

special-reports/buffett.jpgspecial-reports/logo-cnn.png"Legendary investor Warren Buffett seemed to fire a starter pistol last February when he said he would buy 'a couple hundred thousand' homes nationwide." "The market is growing faster than anyone imagined."










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 Distressed Housing Market Data:

•  The share of equity sales – or non-distressed property sales – increased to 85 percent in February, up from 84.4 percent in January. Equity sales have stabilized over the past several months and should continue to hover around 85 percent, with February marking the eighth straight month that equity sales have been more than 80 percent of total sales. Equity sales made up 66.7 percent of sales in February 2013. 

•  The combined share of all distressed property sales was down in February. The share of distressed property sales dipped from 15.6 percent in January to 15 percent in February. Distressed sales continued to be down by more than a half from a year ago, when the share was 33.3 percent. More than half of the 38 reported counties showed a month-to-month decrease in the share of distressed sales, with San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area counties registering the smallest share.
•  Of the distressed properties, the share of short sales was 8.2 percent in February, down from 9.2 percent in January. February’s figure was more than half of the 19.6 percent recorded in February 2013 and remained at the lowest levels since January 2009.
•  The share of REO sales increased in February to 6.3 percent, up from 5.9 percent in January. REOs made up 13.2 percent of all sales in February 2013.
•  February saw a slight increase in active listings across all property types, especially in equity properties, which helped to improve housing supply conditions. The Unsold Inventory Index for equity sales crept up from 4.4 months in January to 4.8 months in February. The supply of REOs dipped from 3.2 months in January to 3 months in February, and the supply of short sales increased from 4.6 months in January to 5 months in February.


Duxplore Inc, a Nevada Corp was conceptualized in 1998 and established in 1999. A Portion of Profits made by the Duxplore Family of Corporations is applied toward multiple charitable causes. 

From inception, Duxplore Inc, has been comprised of principles who have extensive experience in most real estate industries to include, but not limited to, real estate construction, design, planning, development, finance, mortgages, title and insurance. In addition to constant education, the Board of Directors continue to maintain a team of Professional Individuals who are proven leaders in their respective fields. Every member of our organization is considered to be the Best in Their Respect Fields. Duxplore's bar of excellence is set high by design so that our members constantly challenge themselves to be the best they can be. 

Duxplore's continued investment into research and development guarantees that we are equipped with the most effective and efficient systems allowing each division to meet and exceed every quarterly goal. 

Doing business across the North American Continent with expansion plans into Dominican Republic, Belize, Mexico, Panama and Duxplore's proven participation model provides security, stability and direction for our members and for their families. Nearly all transactions are fully syndicated allowing members to retain cost and interest associated with standard leveraging. 

As the members of Duxplore continue to align themselves with other Leaders in the fields of expansion and execution for the current business model(s); opportunities continue to abound exponentially. 

We always welcome new, mutually beneficial business arrangements with new Asset & Special Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Investment Advisers and Private Wealth management advisers. 

Success is first measured individually, then as our organization as a whole.



These drastic economic moves warranted Duxplore’s immediate and vital expansion of its efforts into multiple industries to include, but weren't limited to the acquisition of a majority interest in a private jet charter, an exotic auto club, low cost renewable energy production, precious metal (mineral) ore concentrate, patent metal refining, online media outlets, import/export , 100% GREEN building material, 100% Recycled Plastic Construction material and music production; Most of which we have only been able to share with our registered Members.

          Although no industry is truly recession proof; Real Estate, Precious Metals, Transportation, Entertainment & Energy are just a few of the fastest growing industries in our organization. 

     In an economy such as the one we are living in right now, it is more important to us that our clients and members are a success above all other concerns. Unlike most multinational organizations, we truly believe that it is our clients and members safety, happiness and security is what maintains our foothold in each new project we decide to take on.

     In addition to Member satisfaction, we also encourage our members to participate in our profits. When it is necessary, we much prefer to disperse profits via fixed monthly interest to our private Members rather than pay substantial interest to conventional banks. 

     Our BULK REO division takes full advantage of this leverage to secure the highest returns. As we are nearing the second quarter of 2014, our present goal is to turn bank failure and the nationwide distressed real estate market into new opportunities for everyone, including but not limited to the borrowers who have been taken advantage; that is up until this moment in time.

      With discounts ever increasing, we continue expanding our holdings to increase our profit margins in each of our US and Off Shore Divisions. There are times that capital be readily available to either close a deal or have the upper hand in negotiation. 

     Due to the current  instability of banks , we prefer to depend on profits together with funds deposited by our Members. This ability to utilize member funds allows us the ability to spread profits across a much broader cross section of investors, who, without our assistance, would not have the opportunities that come our way. 

     Due to certain National and International regulations, it is unfortunate that we must limit any private financial participation to investors who have been personally invited by an existing Member, and complete documents found HERE: SEE About Us for privacy policy and other required disclosures